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chimney clay tile flue liner 

repairs are guaranteed for life.

The four pictures shown above our methods of repair of flue fire repairs from start to finish. As you will see all fire damage liners are removed and replaced with exact same materials. No changes to original design are needed nor does the flue need to be torn down to get this accomplished. Fireplace burns 100% efficient as the day it was built. Leak free with no damage to flue line in structure so no damage can occur in future.

Chimney Services

The 3 pictures above are of flue repair damage done to a masonary fireplace flue 13x13 in size. Repaired by the standard method all insurance companies are using to repair this damage. Notice that all broken liners are left intact allowing for water and storms to continue to damage the chimney structure even after repairs are
completed and due to rapid rate of cool down and the downsizing of flue this will cause lack of draw under low burn situations allowing smoke to come into home.

Upgrade your home with a new or improved chimney. Our staff specializes in relining chimneys with clay tiles. We also provide cleaning services, complete visual chimney inspections, tuck pointing, and restoration services. Additionally, chimney covers are available for installation.


Inspections, Cleaning or a Repair

Annual inspections can prevent many health and safety hazards caused by deteriorating chimney structures. Cleaning and having needed repairs provides a safe environment for your household. Get the Crazy Cheap Chimney Sweep Because it's where you sleep TODAY!

We offer Chimney Crown repair, chimney rebuilding, chimney caps, re-pointing,  fireplace inserts or firebox repair, relining and much more.